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Ultimo Press are thrilled to be publishing Everywhere We Look by Martine Kropkowski. Everywhere We Look is a gripping work of literary crime fiction that deals with deeper issues of domestic violence, grief and female friendship. Perfect for readers who love Emily Maguire, Jacqueline Bublitz and Liane Moriarty.

Martine says: ‘When I wrote this book I was thinking about the elusive line that women, in particular, often struggle to draw when assessing their level of safety around others: am I safe with this person or am I not? It’s a question we ask when we’re walking home from the train alongside a stranger, it’s something we consider when we first enter into relationships, romantic or otherwise, and it’s so often something we continue to ask of long-standing and intimate relationships. So I wrote this book thinking about the ways that women and girls tread that line between self-preservation and paranoia, hoping to mine that complexity and ambiguity.’

Publisher, Brigid Mullane, says: ‘Martine’s compelling debut plays so deftly with the tropes of crime fiction, in order to get to a deeper truth about the violence women face every day. The novel pulses with threat and yet at the story’s heart are three women – Bridie, Cassandra and Melissa – and the very real grief they are reckoning with. In this page-turning novel, she captures that feeling of questioning whether you are overreacting, but always knowing that you are vulnerable.’

Everywhere We Look will be published in October 2024 and is available to pre-order now. The deal was brokered by Jane Novak at Jane Novak Literary Agency.

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